How to ACHIEVE optimal patient outcomes

Gaps in poorly managed care transitions often mean patients end up back in the hospital. For recurring readmissions, hospitals can face CMS penalties and patients may experience a less than optimal recovery. Read how Project ACHIEVE is aiming to equip healthcare organizations with best practices in care transitions to bridge the continuum in support of better patient care.

naviHealth at Health System 100

naviHealth will be at Health System 100 from October 15-18 in Amelia Island, Florida.


The voluntary path forward in bundled payments

The recently proposed changes to the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) model and cancellation of the mandatory Episode Payment Models (EPMs) by CMS signals that voluntary bundles are likely to move forward, and even accelerate, as CMS and CMMI further recognize their value and support their expansion in response to market demand. In these Essential Insights, Brian Fuller, VP of Value-based Care, shares his thoughts on how the proposed ruling may impact the future of voluntary bundled payments, particularly BPCI and the broader shift toward value-based care.


Patient engagement: Finding the right balance between high-tech and high touch

Technology has provided a wide range of valuable options for improving the patient experience — one that extends beyond traditional care settings to incorporate care across a wide clinical spectrum. In these Essential Insights, we explore best practices for healthcare administrators to adopt to ensure positive patient experiences and reiterate the idea that technology will never entirely replace the value of human interaction, particularly in healthcare environments.


BPCI Participation Readiness: 4 Things You Need to Know

While participating in bundled payments can be a complex endeavor, health systems nationwide have proven them to be a reliable way to transform how patients experience post-acute care, reduce total costs to the healthcare system, and most importantly, improve outcomes for patients. With CMS’ upcoming announcement on the new model of BPCI expected soon, we urge health systems to begin preparing for this important step on the road to value-based care success.


The key benefits of participating in bundled payments for health systems and patients

With the expectation that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will announce its new bundled payment model in the coming months, bundled payment models have been thrust into the spotlight as a viable opportunity for health systems to participate in value-based reimbursement — an opportunity presenting the question for many of when, rather than if — as the industry marches steadily in that direction.

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naviHealth at ACO Strategy Summit

naviHealth will be at the 4th Annual ACO Strategy Summit from October 23-24 in Alexandria, VA. Erin Smith and Barbara Harding are speaking about how to “Integrate ACOs with Bundled Payments To Minimize Conflict and Generate Increased Savings” on October …

naviHealth at Health System 100

naviHealth will be at Health System 100 from October 15-18 in Amelia Island, Florida.

naviHealth at the Healthcare Financial Management Association 2017

Join naviHealth at HMFA ANI 2017 on June 25-28 in Orlando, Florida to hear how we can successfully support your organization in the evolving shift toward value-based care.

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