The importance of conveners in bundled payment models

Bundled payments continue to demonstrate success and insurers are looking for new ways to test their efficacy; however, given the apprehension surrounding mandatory models, CMS will likely focus their resources on voluntary episode payment models – ones that allow providers to opt-in to participation and assess their readiness and willingness to accept financial risk and responsibility for patients over a longer period. Under this value-based construct, conveners can – and do – play a significant role in driving the adoption of new models as CMS continues to grow these initiatives.

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Looking for ACO success? Look no further than post-acute care

Results from a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that ACO participation was associated to reductions in post-acute care (PAC) spending through reductions in discharges, length of stays and acute inpatient care. These findings further reinforce the importance of PAC spending for the success of ACOs, as well as provide evidence that ACOs – a key value-based initiative – can reduce Medicare costs and improve quality of care.

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